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Free market refers to the structure where demand and supply does not regulate with the Economics Homework Helpcontrol of a governmental body. The demand and supply are two terms that direct the economic growth. Supply and demand both works over their separate laws. Law of demand shows that if the price of good or service increases then its quantity demanded fall and if the price of good or service falls than its quantity of demanded increase. In supply terms, if the price of good or service rises then the quality of supply also rise. Therefore our economics homework help experts says that, both supply and demand relate to each other. In a situation where, supply and demand both stand on one point is called equilibrium.

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As per the free market concern, the change in demand and supply can be occurred at any time. The soft drink industry is a perfect real world example as there is huge change is seen among the priciest. There are some factors that change the demand and supply curve from equilibrium point.

Price Increase: Increase in the price of soft drink affects the demand curve and which affect the supply curve as well. If the price of soft drink increase as it is happening in reality the demand among market is decreased. Though this decrement wasn’t too long but a disturbance among both curves has happened in the equilibrium situation. It has been estimated that the increase in the price of soft drinks around 35% to 45% has resulted a decline around 26% in selling quantity.

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Decrease in Income: Decrease in income of people also affects the equilibrium of soft drinks. The decrease in income of people influences them to not to spend on waste things and soft drinks are not one of the necessary things to live life. This situation also affects the real world consumption of soft drink. At the time of recession, the equilibrium of demand and supply curve has been disturbed because the demand among people regarding soft drinks has decreased. This factor has impacted many big soft drink providers as well around the world.

Surplus: The situation of surplus is also a factor that affects the equilibrium situation of soft drink industry. Surplus refers to the increase in the quantity of products as compared to the demanded one. It is happening when the one produces too much and due to some reasons the supply of product decreases among markets. As per economics assignment help experts, this is also the situation which the soft drink providers have faced in previous time. Due to health concerns among people, the supply of soft drinks has shortened as compared to the production. In this situation, many big companies had to suffer with big losses.

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Shortage: Another situation where the supply of product cannot match the level of demand. This situation is called shortage and affects the equilibrium among the soft drink industry. This situation generally occurred in seasonal time, in summers. In such seasonal time, people demanded for soft drinks in high quality. This situation makes supply curve shift to the left and affects the equilibrium quite effectively.

All the factors are somewhere related to the reaction of consumers and suppliers. Increase in price sometime occurred due to the high demand of consumers. Due to the reaction of customers over products, supplier gets the price high so that they can earn a profit in some time. On the other hand, the decrease in income of people may be the results of supplier actions. It happens when a supplier does not work properly and not contribute in the country’s economy. The change in equilibrium within the soft drink industry occurs when the process of supply and demand disturbs due to the actions of suppliers and customers both.

Overall, it is determined that supply and demand have inverse relationship and get affected with several internal and external factors. In free market structure, the products and services may not get affected by governmental changes in the rules and regulation to do business.

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